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24″ Misting Fans For Team | Our New Outdoor Portable Cooling System


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Water Hydration Drop Icon Cools 10 To 20 Degrees – 75′ For 7 Hrs.
Water Hydration Drop Icon Rolling Transport – No Hose Needed
Water Hydration Drop Icon Uses Standard Fan – 115 Volt Power
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A Simple Dugout & Sideline Portable Misting Fan For Teams & Their Fans!

Just fill your outdoor portable misting fan with up to 20 gallons of water, roll it to your ball field, stadium, or outdoor event, and plug it in.

The strong 50 PSI pump pushes cooled water past the 24" fan through 5 brass misting heads… up to 75 feet!

Our new outdoor portable cooling system promises to be a hit this summer. This misting fan outdoor is ideal for large outdoor events and sporting activities. A top-rated item!

These 24" Outdoor Misting Fans are the perfect item to add to your outdoor activities. So whether you are on the sidelines or a dugout, tailgating, competing at a triathlon, or enjoying the fair, you can feel refreshed and cool. This Slim Line Outdoor portable misting station features a durable metal frame with an unbreakable UV-protected polypropylene tank.

The unit plugs into an extension cord from a 115 v electrical outlet to provide immediate cooling.
(NOTE: The longer the drop cord, the better-quality drop cord you will want to use.)

A Rolling Outdoor Portable Misting Fan You Buy Once!

Once thought to be a luxury and only seen on NFL sidelines, coaches and team managers have finally noticed that overheated young athletes are not just uncomfortable when exposed to harsh weather for periods. There’s hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, heat prostration & unfortunately, more. No athlete should be dealing with unnecessary risk. Solutions exist to help reduce the risks.

Whether it is climate change or something else, I can only tell you that summers seem hotter and longer. Today's player is on the ballfield or sidelines for such long periods, that even an expensive purchase like this has become crucial.

This is a buy-it-once type of product that utilizes cooling fans with water... It's a real home team advantage that fits your team bus. So, take it on the road with you!

Team Outdoor Misting Fan Information From Our Manufacturer

  • Drops temperature 10 degrees - 20 degrees
  • 50 PSI pump, 5 brass misting heads, 7+ hrs/tank
  • Fits in the back of a school bus, trailer, truck, or van
  • Powder-coated steel frame. 20-gallon FDA, NSF-approved tank
  • 24" fan, 8550 CFM cools up to 75' away, no water hose needed
  • Easy to operate! Requires 115V electrical outlet
  • Warranty - Fan: (2) Two Years; Pumps: (1) One Year, Parts: (1) One Year, Frame: (5) Five Years

Additional information

Weight 135 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 28 × 68 in