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Reliable Constant Chill Sports Water Cooler Cart for 6 Player


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Water Hydration Drop IconConstantly Chills Water Through Copper Coils
Water Hydration Drop IconKeeps 10 Gl. Chilled – Attach Hose For Continuous Refill
Water Hydration Drop Icon
6 Retractable Coiled Drinking Hoses For Quick Shut-Off
Water Hydration Drop Icon
Cart Easily Rolls Over Any Surface

1 Yr. Warranty

Most Inexpensive Chilled Sports Water Cooler Cart I've Found

A water cooler cart that keeps any team drink chilled beyond just dumping ice until empty does not have to be not expensive. This particular sports hydration water cart station sure can solve a team's hydration problems for a bit less budget.

Maybe nothing seems inexpensive anymore, but some things are still just plain cheap.
So, for a bit more, this portable water cooler cart can solve a daily problem without much wasted time or effort.

Add A Consistent Water Supply & Ice & You Have A Sports Water Cooler Cart Station

  • Just fill the 10-gallon cooler, add ice & attach your standard hose (not included with team water station) and you should have a practice full of chilled water.
  • The coiled copper cools the hose water as it passes through the cooler, using the cooler's insulation to retain optimal chill.
  • The 6 coiled hoses resist tangling and the nozzle shut-offs reduce waste significantly. All main parts are available if anything wears out.

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Here's What the Manufacturer Says About This Sports Water Cooler Cart Station

Keep the team hydrated and refreshed during hot summer games or practices held inside humid gyms with this Sports Cool Portable Water Chiller. Make sure that every player on the team quickly gets a drink and heads back into the game refreshed with the chiller's six drinking hoses with quick shut-off nozzles. Cool, crisp water can be on hand during every break or time-out, as the interior copper coil chills water as it passes through the Igloo® cooler, which can also be filled with ice to keep water cold into overtime.

  • Powder coat steel cart resists wear and tear and easily supports the full cooler
  • Six retractable drinking hoses let multiple players drink at one time to efficiently hydrate the whole team
  • Quick shut-off nozzles keep water from spilling or leaking when a player finishes drinking
  • 10-gallon cooler holds ice to chill water as it passes through a copper coil
  • No-flat tires help's this water cooler cart to easily roll across field, turf, and court surfaces