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Our #1 Game Day Package | Team Misting Fans Cooling Station + Hydration Tanker


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Water Hydration Drop Icon 1 Rechargeable Powered Tanker – serves 6
Water Hydration Drop Icon 2 Rechargeable Team Misting Fans
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Complete Team Hydration Tanker & Misting Fan Cooling Station

A Sports Hydration System is more than important, it is medically important!
When it comes to team hydration, why are we asking our equipment managers, players & coaching staff to lug and deal with old & poor solutions? For years we used mall, less sanitary coolers, cups & whatever other band-aid team hydration solutions we just had on hand. Our old-school attitude was wrong and less than the priority we know it is today!

2 Sports Misting Fan Station Units | Cools Players From Up To 75 Ft.

  • It's Great As A Football Water Station Solution With Plenty Of Shoulder Pad Room!
    Larger athletes and those in pads need a bit of extra room. Our flex hoses are long enough to accommodate any and all!
  • Here's a complete mobile sports hydration station and cooling station solution that serves an entire football team!
    From varsity to your frosh players, all are important with none being more important when it comes to their sports hydration needs!
  • This system can be in 3 places at one time
    No need to change your practice schedule or routines for simple but important water breaks & cool down sessions!

Plenty of capacity for team sports hydration... for a larger number of players
It features 8 coiled drinking hoses on a static drinking tree and 2 highly mobile rechargeable powered football water station units.
All our PVC drinking tubes are coiled to avoid tangling when multiple players drink at once. The pressure valves adjust so each coil maintains a steady water flow while delivering & quickly shuts off when your athletes get back out on the field.


20 Player Team Sports Hydration & Misting Station Combo

Here's What's Included In This Complete Misting Station & Hydration Cooling Station Package 

1 Powered Rechargeable Team Drink Tanker 

These heavy, powder-coated steel carts easily roll over any indoor or outdoor surface with their oversized pneumatic air-filled tires. Each rolling hydration station holds up to 20 gallons of drinking water in an FDA,

NSF-approved tank with an extra-wide threaded top that allows for quicker, easier refilling.  (BTW: don't forget to add our inexpensive sanitizing tablets). All are attached to retractable, non-corrosive coiled drinking hoses and nozzles, each with its own shut-off valves for no waste. 6 players can be served at once, all without kinking hoses, due to the flexible coiled construction.

2 Rechargeable Mobile Sports Misting Cooling Stations
These handy, simple, weatherproof hot weather solutions offer the same non-corrosive hardware to last many seasons. Cool misting air from 1-20 degrees up to 50 ft (we've had feedback or up tp 75 ft. . NEW for this year! We now include an In-line freshwater Filter to ensure a better drink for your hard-working athletes!

Cover 3 Separate Areas of Your Sideline, Ballfield, Dugout, or Event!

Now you can hydrate more players faster, with less practice downtime - with our most popular size hydration tanker (8 drinking hoses) and 2 self-contained misting fans.
With teams being divided into offense and defense, or pitchers & fielders, varsity, and JV, it is incredibly useful when water & cooling air can be brought closer to wherever players are practicing or during games. This system just makes sense!

Let us know if you have questions but frankly, if you think this cooling station fits your needs, you are likely correct!
We hope this extra information helps you. Call us with any other questions that come up. You don't want to buy this stuff twice!



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