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Water Mist Fans | Big Misting Fan For Football or Festivals



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Water Hydration Drop IconHuge Fan – Throws Cold Air Up To 40 Ft!
Water Hydration Drop Icon
Large Tank – Cold Air Up To 7 Hrs
Water Hydration Drop Icon*Outdoor Rated – Safe for This Use
Water Hydration Drop IconOver-Sized Turf Tires – Easy Transport
Water Hydration Drop IconPowdercoat Steel Frame – Stays Rust Free
*Stay Safe, Read Your Manual

   2 yr. warranty   Free-Shipping

Our Versatile Portable Water Mist Fans Load & Transport Easily

Whether you need football misting fans for your sidelines or are running an outdoor event in the dead of summer, we offer this complete all-in-one water mist fan solution that can lower temperatures quickly!

Transfer this portable water mist fan from point A to point B quickly with its well-built wide-track powder-coated steel frame and oversized turf tires. It will really impact sports athletes and fans alike while not leaving anyone drenched.

Cooling Water Mist Fans Quickly Make A Noticeable An Immediate Difference in Temperature! 

Investing in safety for players, workers, fans, or customers is no longer optional!
Seeing 100 degrees day after day tells us that whatever the cause, it is our job to keep people COMFORTABLE AND SAFE!
The good news is that schools, teams, and industrial customers can now benefit from this one-time purchase of our water mist fan!

You can now be confident that you are doing the right thing by investing in the health & well-being of all who come to your events or workplace.
Look long-term! This will last for many years when used daily in a factory warehouse if handled reasonably well.
When used as football misting fans, common sense & basic care may outlive a coach's career, yes, it's that good!

  • Creates a large volume of ultra-fine mist, reducing temperatures by up to 30°F
  • High-Velocity outdoor-rated 24” or 30” Oscillating Fan throws air up to 40’.
  • This Plug-In Unit is outdoor-rated, so there is no danger of shorting out or fire.
    Use your best extension cord for the best efficiency


Your Water Mist Fans - Important Knowledge

  • Outdoor-Rated - Read your manual & stay safe
  • Creates a large volume of ultra-fine mist, reducing temperatures by up to 30°F
  • High-velocity outdoor-rated 24” or 30” Oscillating Fan throws cooled air up top 30 feet
  • Don't run the pump without water in the tank. We do not warranty the product that has been improperly used
  • 15-gallon water tank lasts up to 7 hours of intermittent run time and is easily refillable
  • Applications: For athletic events to cool athletes or spectators, picnics, corporate events, weddings, construction zones, festivals, and more.
  • Locate Your Water Mist Fan With Safety In Mind! Keep everyone, especially kids, at a safe distance!
  • Huge 24" Fan & Large Capacity Tank - Cold Air For 7 Hours
  • The oversized tires and powder-coated steel frame are geared and fit for your outdoor uses!

Who Needs Our Portable Water Mist Fans:

  • For Sports Events Cooling
  • For Dust Control Misting
  • For Outdoor Event Cooling
  • For Industrial & Warehouse Misting 



+ Most of our customers have never purchased a water mist fan or a football misting fan system.
So... since you will be investing real money & will live with this purchase for many years or seasons,
read up or call us before you buy!

+ Warranty Information
LIFETIME WARRANTY: Stainless Steel Mist Rings, Stainless Steel Tubing, and Stainless Steel Fittings
2-YEAR WARRANTY: Mid Pressure Pumps, Mist Fan